Our internal structure


The Executive Committee is the body in charge of supervising the operation of the Technical Office; it also acts as a liaison with the institutions in order to respond to needs.


  • M.I Sra. Silvia Riva - Minister of Culture and Sports

Its members are:

  • Mr Justo Ruiz – Secretary of State for Sport
  • Mr Carles Visa – FAE Manager
  • Mr Betim Budzaku – Andorra Tourism Manager
  • Mr Albert Coma – Technical Advisor
  • Mr Conrad Blanch – Technical Advisor
  • Mr David Hidalgo– CEO Organizing Committee


The Technical Office consists of a multidisciplinary work team. Among its functions are:

  • Elaboration of the Master Plan for the candidacy
  • Elaboration and promotion of the communication plan for the candidacy
  • Preparation for the transition to the WSC Andorra 2027 organizing committee in case of being chosen as the organizing venue of the WSC 2027


Its members are:

Mr David Hidalgo – Managing Director / CEO WSC 2027

Mr Santi López – Sports Director WSC 2027

Mr Alex Orue – Director of Hospitality WSC 2027

Mr Toni Rodríguez – Director of Logistics WSC 2027

Mr Alex Martín – Director of Operations WSC 2027

Mrs Irene Casasayas – Director of Communications WSC 2027

Mrs Elisabeth Pérez – Director of Marketing WSC 2027

Mr Marc Mitjana – Secretary General WSC 2027

Mrs Irene Gómez – Assistant Secretary General WSC 2027